Sonnet Sunday for 2018-0203 / DS-001: Olympic Challenges

I decided to start off on an Olympics theme, given the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang will soon begin.
See this introduction for concerns about sonnet form =)

The winter games will shortly come to pass;
I have no way to see them on TV.

The house I own lands in a kind of class,
of home where certain signals can’t reach me.

I’m not the type to do much outside work,
much less climb up onto my house’s crest.

Desire to see the games presents this quirk,
to push ME to a physical strength test.

The challenge is my own event to face,
To stream the games, I think is more my pace..

I nearly went with an alternate final pair, of..

The roof, with a new tow’r, I could anoint,
Or I could just go stream them for less point.

because I really like the idea of “anointing” a roof with a new tower, but I couldn’t rig a way for it to rhyme just right to my tastes.

My final version’s ending being ambiguous speaks a lot toward my preferences in fiction generally. My personally favorite kinds of endings of anything in general, is that the adventures continue onward.

A good example of this is the series finale of the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode “All Good Things…” which is simultaneously a final-episode of the entire TV series, but suggests that their lives and adventures still continue onward as they naturally would, and that we were allowed to treasure of of their experiences along the way, just as good friends pass in and out of our lives just as the way things turn out.



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