Masterlist of Name-Specific Sign-offs @ Dear Hank & John

On the podcast Dear Hank & John, listeners write in to have questions answered with dubious advice, people had been making clever signoffs in lieu of a simple “Sincerely,” and one listener named Bree signed off with not being able to come up with a clever one, as their sign-off.

Later, on episode 104, in response to this person, another listener named Bree wrote in with a suggestion that all people named Bree do, in fact, have a great sign-off, which is:

“Floats like a butterfly, stings like a,

From then on, it became a thing to have a name-specific sign-off. This is a list of them. This is also a list in progress; if you have any additions or spelling corrections, please comment or email me at =)

Episode Number – Sign off, (Name)

104 – Floats like a butterfly, stings like a, (Bree)
106 – Showers and the cruelest month, (April)
106 – Sweet, (Caroline)
106 – Curiosity hasn’t killed me yet, (Kat)
106 – Of (Tyson) Men,
106 – Eat, Drink, and Be, (Mary)
106 – The Crown, (Joules)
106 – With love or malice, this one’s from, (Alice)
107 – Not from Wyoming, (Cheyenne)
111 – Amazing, (Grace)
111 – You have a great persa, (Natalie)
111 – I ran away with all of Bruno Mars’ money, (Natalie)
112 – It’s not rainy; it’s not snowy; it’s, (Hailey)
112 – No I can’t, (Kenya)
112 – I’m so fine I may blow your mind, (Mickey)
113 – Step over the door, (Matt)
115 – Wake me up before you, (Jojo)
116 – Greetings from the upside down, Demi(Morgan)
117 – Babbling, (Brooke)
122 – Candy is dandy, but I’ll always be quicker, (Ricker)
123 – Kit, (Kat)
126 – Rage against the (Haneen)
129 – Sealed with a (Chris)
130 – Not February, (April)
130 – Bun-(Anna)
130 – God Bless You Please (Mrs. Robinson)
133 – Maya hoo, Maya hee, Maya-haa, (Maya), ha ha
136 – Learning about the brain, (Sarah)-bellum
137 – We’re all gonna die, (-ana; (Diana))

I am slowly adding additional mentions I hear when listening to the pod, so please add any additional sign-offs you hear from the pod and please include which episode number and send to =)



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