Masterlist of Food Puns.. Ain’t Got Thyme, Do Me a Fava, etc

Here’s a list of puns that involve food.

Ain’t nobody got thyme pho dat!
I clove you.
Whoa, I just did adobo-take.
Sure is chili in here.
This list is peppered with groaners!
I have puns, and annato fraid to use them!
By dose id duffy, buzzed be basil cudjesjun.
Some of these do ring a bell.
I caught my neighbor cajun up my dogs!
I spice with my little eye..
Now don’t get caraway.
I cayenne take much more of these!
What a dip!
I’m getting chives just thinking about these.
I cinnamon out to check on you.
I’m so sick, I’m coffee up a storm.
These puns have crushed my spirit.
Curry up!
I’m cumin, I’m cumin!
What’s the dill!
Do I have to extract an answer from you?
Fennely, some answers!
That doesn’t make any frankincense!
Could you move a bit more gingerly with those?
Onion other hand..
These puns are harissa-ment!
This liquor tastes watery. No, this water tastes licorice!
There’s not mushroom for error.
I mustard lost my keys somewhere.
I wanna be a myrrh-maid!
You’re quite the nut, meg.
Oregano’l Pete would agree.
‘Tis the Seasoning.
It’s parsley for the course.
I parsley knew her!
So shallot be!
My poppy will hear about this!
I’m glad someone preserves these.
Now we’re getting to the root of the issue.
Glad you rose to the challenge!
Caught him saffron gas from my tank.
Sage advice, sir.
Oh, and you just HAD to get salty!
Let me just shichimi out of this coat and I’ll get started.
We’re in a tense sichuan.
Fall, on y’anise; hear, the angel food cake..
I wouldn’t put too much stock into these.
I’m gonna sumac for all the trouble he put me thru.
Tarragon again, stirring up stuff!
It’s a Thai game, you and me.
Now, I don’t want any truffle here.
When I first came Turmeric I didn’t know where to go first.
A lot of these puns are just vanilla.
Wasabi? What’s shakin’ these days?
Now rise, for the national xantham.
Is the writing on this wrapper for Double Bubble gum, arabic?
Hey! Put a kosher under that drink.
What tofu you think you’re doing here?
Amanatto one to nitpick, but…
Hummus a tune, will ya?
The US is in North Murukku.
I’m just trying to keep the peas here.
Any more bad puns and lima get angry!
Just the flax, ma’am.
Says who? Sesame!
Would you do me a fava?
Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder!
The ball went off-cider.
I advocaat for equal rights.
I plan to rum for president.
She’s just so Hpnotiq!
What’s the hold-up? Amaretto to go!
All these puns jumbie up my brain!
I think of ’em, and I postum.
I’d like to posset an idea to you.
Sake to me!
Soda story goes, that..
These puns are a punch to the gut.
I green tea these puns will make you loathe me.
This list is quite a cocktail of garbage.
I wish I hadn’t bread this list.
I’m a-dressing my letter to have these puns taken down.
I doubt I’ll ketchup to the end of the list.
I bet you pulled that right out your aioli.
These puns are just plain sloppy, joe!
My friend read these to me, and I custard out!
Peach me, I must be dreaming!
Syrup load these documents right away!
I want to sauce my own ears off after hearing these.
Some of these bear little sambal-ance to helpful uses.
Whoever wrote this is a real pesto.
Ban-anna from the group.
Mayo whoever made these, do thyme!
My favorite character from Voyager is Chipotle.
Don’t wine to me about it!
Someone has stollen MY puns!
You supply the cabbage, it’s a done dill.
Most of these are just stew-pid.
Hoosh ought JR?
I kadhi even think straight!
I’m afraid you just pisto the boss!
Some of these are soup-er; most, dough..
Like I knead your input!
Haven’t I toll you a bullion times?
Why, you pizza chit.
Don’t waffle around the issue.
I think I just fudged it all up.
Would you like s’more?
My favorite Star Wars character is Chebakia.
We’re all a little cookie around here.
That’s scone for the record books
You’re having a little too much bun.
I apple-eyed for the position.
Cherries the memories we shared.
I’m plum tired!
The Grape Train Robbery
Kiwi go now? This is getting tiresome.
Meze getting hungry, actually.
Chupe for the stars!
I think I see a leek in your dam list!
In zest, is when you pumpkin.
Booped him right in the Snert.
Oh, come now, you’re splitting peas.
I want to squash whoever came up with this list.
Ramen me not to listen to you ever again.
Lemon Dr. Pepper turned out to be a yakisoba.
She’s not pretty, but she does Bakewell.
You’re not fast enough! I’mma cashew!
Jamaican Patty embarassed.
You’re looking a bit pasty.
Don’t pecan me.
Shoo, fly!
There’s quite a few tarts at my school.
I know you don’t mean to Tourtière own horn..
Not necess-celery.
Wheatsa matter, chicken?
And just like that — crab-louie! It was gone.
Some of these puns are downright egg-centric.
The steaks are high.
The contestants are thai’d neck and neck.
I should club you.
Ham it up!
Horsehoe the one who made that one up?
Ice creamed aloud at some of these.
They’re caught in a jam, whoever is reading all these.
Lettuce pray they quit while they’re a head.
Whoever is hearing these read to them, put the reader in head lox.
My naan says we can’t, though.
Po’ Boy, what a lunatic!
He’s Reuben up against me.
A toast, to whoever has gotten this far!
She can’t even carry a tuna.
I don’t care, not even a tahini bit.
In queso emergency..
Keep away! These are nacho chips!
Snack pack to reality, oop, there goes gravity..
Hot dog, that was a good one.
Omelet that one slider, though.
I had to perform the Heimlich, else watch Artichoke.
Olive every pun on this list.
Miso tired of this list, you mein!
There’s not a sno ball’s chance in hell..
In the old days, Dad spanked our be-Heinz.
He’s a master of his Kraft.
Telling her these puns made my Mrs. Dash.
Telling him these puns made Jim Beam.
Butter up!
Honey, will you Murri me?
Parmesan, I need to get by.
Whisky away, to greater adventures..
I hate when he wedges puns into the convo.
That’s quite the scampi outfit you’re wearing.
Stirring this mush is grueling.
My favorite Trek character is played by Lawar Burton.
I poached him right in the arm for that remark.
*egg drop*
You’re really milking this for all you can.
We just got creamed out there, coach!
Why, you bass-curd!
Should I keep this list? No, junket.
Whey just a minute now!
Bing! You lose!
Ease up there, Broa!
Did you see her cracker knuckles?
Pumpernickel? I didn’t even know the girl, officer.
Just it cress you didn’t get that last one..
Mallow out, man!
I’m no worts for wear.
He sounds wurst, though.
You canola sit and weep!
I didn’t realize I’d kumquat so far..
Oil get you back for these.