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Posted by on September 11, 2011

I’m trying out a new version of the regular meds I was taking, as a cost-saving strategy. I admit I had a bit of an attachment with the previous version of my Proporanolol (extended release, 1/day) — it had revolutionized what I’m able to be active and do now because of my wrestling match with Essential Tremors. I’ve reasoned now that my previously revolution-justified $68, 30-dose prescription is time for a change since it’s been a year of experimentation with it, and I’m now shooting instead for the $6, 90-dose version. I had been taking the extended release pill (avg $2.27/ea) only on days that I work so I could stretch a 30-day refill over about ten weeks, as I’m working 3 days per week. The newer 90-dose refill is for taking 3 times per day, so I might be able to slip by taking one just for my short shift and as-needed at home (if ever) ideally making a refill last 90 work days. At 3 days/wk, that’d be around 30 weeks, or 7.5 months between refills, at only $0.07/dose. We’ll see how it goes, though, before my hopes get too high.

Not only do I have this lovely new WordPress installed, but I also managed to install a few other free tools to fool around with, including the new image manager at /img/ now, not to mention another app that really blew me away that I could even acquire.. a /wiki/ app. This weekend is just getting better and better.

Speaking of /img/’s, the header for last entry was a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic wallpaper I glomped a 4chan /wg/ thread, and can be found here. The header for this entry is another 4chan/wg/ thread pilferage and features a delightful NES original retail package (one of which I own).

After having eaten the same thing for so long (months at a stretch) I’ve begun gradually rediscovering things I used to eat for stretches at a time before, and mixing them together. I used to eat a lot of toast, tuna, and ramen (unmixed) and have now begun to make toasted ramen-and-tuna sandwiches. I’ve just realized, after reading this article off Consumerist (of which I’m a twice-ish weekly reader) that I can bring in yet another ingredient to the mix: reheated, frozen broccoli.. I’ll have to go shopping again and pay attention to the specific prices to calculate my approximate cost-per-meal, which I had been trying to keep under $1 each until tuna came into the picture. I can’t imagine adding a fourth of a bag of frozen broccoli would be that much more, but I am cheap..

I’ve been listening to a bit of streaming British comedy radio lately. Current favorites include:

The News Quiz, a panel discussion show with comedians similar to British TV’s Mock The Week in many respects, including a segment similar to Jay Leno’s old “headlines” bit.

Another Case of Milton Jones, which is a comedy-drama by comedian Milton Jones, who acts out a new adventure each episode in a convoluted twist of puns and silly one-liners.. like as if Steven Wright had written one giant adventure and spoke with a British accent and a bit more emotion.

I’ve Never Seen Star Wars, which was previously a British TV show, involving host Marcus Brigstocke who interviews a celebrity guest who has tried several things completely new to them, describing their experiences, and rating those experiences. It’s a lovely mixture of humor and trying new things, in a kind of vicarious way. One guest, for instance, had never purchased or worn a pair of jeans to his knowledge..

The Unbelievable Truth is a panel show where comedian contestants are previously assigned to write a silly report that contains a handful of verified facts to mix in with complete fabrications. As each panelist reads their creation, the others interrupt to buzz in their suspicion of one of the genuine statements slipped in, gaining points for slipping facts past the others, buzzing in for correct ones, and losing points for guessing incorrectly.

That Mitchell and Webb Sound is a raw sketch-comedy programme of segments back to back and portrayed in standard radio-drama format with appropriate sound effects (like crumpling a piece of paper to mimic fire). A lot of the segments are drastically random, such as a distraught woman being interviewed by a detective who believes he’s a tortoise. There’s a British TV version that is brilliant also and occasionally touches on religious topics in a totally hilarious way.

There are a few others (perhaps for another post) that I can’t recall at the moment or for some reason I missed from the giant BBC radio list I scoured looking for titles I’ve only randomly caught when available.

One Response to 2011-0910

  1. Crystal

    Good luck with the new dosing system. I hope it works out for you. At least if it doesn’t, you know that you always have the old one to fall back on. That’s something, at least.

    The first thing I noticed about today’s header was actually the Soul Calibur packaging. My brain is pathetic. I love that series sooo~ooo much…

    And on a barely-related note: my most recent favorite veggie is steamed edamame (immature soy beans). So delicious. It’s cheap, too–don’t remember the price, but I hate spending money on veggies and I still buy it frequently–so if you ever feel like shaking things up, you should try it. I like getting mine still in the pod, ’cause it’s a lot of fun to eat and slows down the process as well, which results in me eating less in one sitting… But you can get it shelled, too, if you’re lazy or don’t like messing with shelling stuff.