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Does Course Teach Fetus is like Cancer? NO. Here’s Why.

Making the rounds in April 2019 is the context-less capture of a biology course slide that lists similarities between a fetus and cancer. The spin zone is currently at the ready to condemn it, by interpreting that the course is teaching students “how much a fetus is like cancer.” (Original Tweet) Possibly the worst element […]

Sensible Reasons Chips Bags Have So Much Air

As someone who has worked with bags of chips on the chip aisle in groceries so much, a fairly common conversation I overhear others say to each other is that chip bags have so much air in them to deceive people into thinking there’s more inside, but I interrupt them to say that’s not why. […]

Does The Pink Tax Exist? Signs Point to NO. Here’s Why.

“The Pink Tax” is a term of ignorance used by people who seem to observe that products with pink packaging or otherwise feminine themed packaging, are charged a higher price than essentially the identical item but packaged in a more masculine way. Here is one example of someone complaining about it, who doesn’t realize how […]

Star Wars Versions of Song Titles / Star Wars Puns

Simply take any song you can think of with the following words in the title, and replace with a Star Wars word similar: Baby / Boba, Obi Moon / That’s No Moon Dark / Darth Woke, Walk(-ing), Talk-, Rock- / Ewok(ing), Tarkin, Porkins, (sky)Walk Look / Luke Lay A / Leia F***ing / Falcon Smoke […]

Bungie’s Destiny Females Ranked, as of Warmind

Inspired by a reddit post, I decided to formulate my own ranking of the Destiny ladies (including non-humans), and posted it to a one of the larger Destiny FB groups to much discussion. How would you rank Mara, Eris, Tess, Ana, Suraya, Amanda, Ikora, the Mysterious Stranger, Lakshmi, Tyra, Petra, and Sloane? I added Omnigul […]