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Sensible Reasons Chips Bags Have So Much Air

As someone who has worked with bags of chips on the chip aisle in groceries so much, a fairly common conversation I overhear others say to each other is that chip bags have so much air in them to deceive people into thinking there’s more inside, but I interrupt them to say that’s not why. […]

Does The Pink Tax Exist? Signs Point to NO. Here’s Why.

“The Pink Tax” is a term of ignorance used by people who seem to observe that products with pink packaging or otherwise feminine themed packaging, are charged a higher price than essentially the identical item but packaged in a more masculine way. Here is one example of someone complaining about it, who doesn’t realize how […]

Star Wars Versions of Song Titles / Star Wars Puns

Simply take any song you can think of with the following words in the title, and replace with a Star Wars word similar: Baby / Boba, Obi Moon / That’s No Moon Dark / Darth Woke, Walk(-ing), Talk-, Rock- / Ewok(ing), Tarkin, Porkins, (sky)Walk Look / Luke Lay A / Leia F***ing / Falcon Smoke […]

Bungie’s Destiny Females Ranked, as of Warmind

Inspired by a reddit post, I decided to formulate my own ranking of the Destiny ladies (including non-humans), and posted it to a one of the larger Destiny FB groups to much discussion. How would you rank Mara, Eris, Tess, Ana, Suraya, Amanda, Ikora, the Mysterious Stranger, Lakshmi, Tyra, Petra, and Sloane? I added Omnigul […]

Masterlist of Comparing Halo / Destiny Similarities

The universe of Destiny and Halo are very similar.. if they are not connected by universe, then there is an awful lot of coincidences. There are some adaptations from Halo that Destiny expands on, but I’ll try to stick to the more closely-matched elements. I’m not claiming they’re identical — just similar. They are, of […]