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Masterlist of Comparing Halo / Destiny Similarities

The universe of Destiny and Halo are very similar.. if they are not connected by universe, then there is an awful lot of coincidences. There are some adaptations from Halo that Destiny expands on, but I’ll try to stick to the more closely-matched elements. I’m not claiming they’re identical — just similar. They are, of […]

Masterlist of Examples Pronouncing “Oh” Versus Zero

A friend whose first language isn’t English, recently asked why some people say “oh” instead of zero, when speaking a certain numbers, and I decided to make a list of the circumstances of this nature. This is a list of ones I’ve thought up off the top of my head, and I’ll add to them […]

Masterlist of Cute Girl Instagrams To Follow

This is my personal masterlist of cute girls to follow on Instagram, in particular order. All of them are public profiles as of writing this list, and are cute according my completely arbitrary/subjective algorithm for cuteness. If you wish to be added to this list, please IG-DM: thehomeland and I’ll consider it =) 1-5 […]

Masterlist of Name-Specific Sign-offs @ Dear Hank & John

On the podcast Dear Hank & John, listeners write in to have questions answered with dubious advice, people had been making clever signoffs in lieu of a simple “Sincerely,” and one listener named Bree signed off with not being able to come up with a clever one, as their sign-off. Later, on episode 104, in […]

Did the Dictionary Redefine Assault Rifle? NO. Here’s Why

Making the rounds lately is the prospect that Merriam-Webster has “changed” the entry for “assault rifle” in context with the Parkland shooting, or in response to a politically-motivated push to alter how we use words. However, this possibly very misleading. RE: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Changes Definition Of ‘Assault Rifle’ After Parkland Shooting RE: Merriam-Webster changes […]

Songsmith Sunday DS-005: Double Dactyl Poem: Ronjamin’s Duel

I got such a crippling sonnet-writer’s block this week for Sonnet Sunday, that I decided to revamp it to “Songsmith Sunday,” offering me greater liberty to alter the type of poetry by the month, and I’ve declared March to be the Double-Dactyl month =) Dingily-Derrial, Quite-adversarial Jonathy Ronjamin picked out his gun. After his paces, […]

Sonnet Sunday DS-004: Jeremy’s Krill Quip

It is my goal this year to write at least one sonnet per week for all of this year, and possibly beyond. For rules and discussion of sonnet structure, pop over to this introduction. I was struggling for a topic to write this week’s sonnet after drawing a blank all week, until I listened to […]