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the clockrev purpose

The singular purpose of clockrev is to raise money for a charity's administrative expenses, without soliciting funds from individuals or businesses directly -- from YouTube advertising revenue. In doing so, clockrev can offer church-based worship and drama teams exposure in the Christian music market through YouTube with appropriate link-backs, or market exposure to individuals through on-camera interviews that the world can see.

The administrative expense part of a charity's operating budget is the most difficult to raise money for, because so few people wish to give money so that the charity can pay their office's electricity bill, for instance. That's where clockrev comes in -- by raising money through the simple receipt of YouTube ad revenue, which is given based on viewership of a monetized video. The increased popularity of a video on YouTube generates greater ad revenue for clockrev, which clockrev will can give toward the operating expenses of its selected charity.

mike's story

I used to have a job where I could give plenty to two of my favorite charities -- World Vision, a kind of Red Cross for the world that provides prompt disaster relief among other long term projects like counseling former child traffic victims and teaching farming skills to citizens of poorer countries; and the local listener-funded Christian radio station. As I learned about what it took to run operations as those, through the marketing literature and on-air fundraising campaigns, I realized that the "administrative expense" such as gasoline for transport, licensing costs and others were never really very emphasized but always present and decided I would be one of the few that gave for those reasons.

I quit my well-paying job to go on a lengthy mission trip to Kenya in March 2008, afterward opting to ride my savings as far as they could stretch until I could find another gig. I ended up in retail making considerably less, and have not simply struggled in paying the normal bills, but my budget for giving has almost entirely evaporated.

In early 2012 I had a vision while journaling during a church service, that I could hold a songwriting contest, for which all entries could be viewed online and voted for by entrants. R&D revealed it would require too many cooks in the kitchen (with preference to remain a one-man operation) to work well, so in July 2012 I decided in to scale back to simpler elements and simply approach artists or other content creators to donate a single or series of works to the project. In August 2012 I was able to secure permission to use a local artist/performer's work as the first offering toward the project, Charity's "xxx" CD.

How To Participate

If you would like to participate, the process is simple:

  1. Go subscribe and watch videos on the clockrev channel on YouTube, here.
  2. If you're a content creator and would like to donate a piece, please email me.
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