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(( September 19, 2021 ))

Okay, so clearly that reboot fizzled out, but I have been busy still browsing tiktok so I had a fark-ton of new tiktoks being described, than will fit snugly into a single entry below. I actually completely even forgot I had the main blog until I was updating the described page and re-read the intro paragraph. However, I now have a new job with lots of downtime, so I will now have ample opportunity to pen future entries. It feels like a dream job, still in that new-job settling period, as a dispatcher for a utility =) I do have lots to talk about, though!

  • [Tiktok] - Silly infomercial spoof about being a cat owner
  • [Tiktok] - Electric hummer vehicle steering crabwalk style
  • [Tiktok] - Garage door with clever plugging-in system
  • [Tiktok] - Taking out a loan on your own stocks trick

    (( June 22, 2021 ))

    I've decided to start a projects collection page. Previously, the root of this domain sent you to this directory, but I want to instead make it a page much like this one and update it with various other projects including this one. One of those projects will be a list of categorized tiktoks, and lists of tiktoks of particular content creators and descriptions of posts thereof. One of the first creators I want to list post from, is the "powerful websites" series (example) by Matty McTech on his @setupspawn account.

  • [Tiktok] - Hand shadow puppet tries to eat stranger's foot
  • [Tiktok] - An easy way to dock your kayak when rowing to shore
  • [Tiktok] - Very large shipping container home design, completed
  • [Tiktok] - Unique 2-weeks-notice company policy: paid vacation

    (( June 21, 2021 ))

    I get asked occasionally to attend raids with my Destiny 2 clan on XB1, and I am typical a never-raider, so instead of just saying no I've decided to get a little more creative with it and give an silly/funny excuse for why I'm unable. For example, "I have to catch a flight to Antarctica that day or else I really would." I've made up a list of silly excuses of that nature to have at hand. Sometimes they ask me if they have 5 and need a sixth, other times it's on our clan Discord and I get a few lauch reacts from them.

  • [Tiktok] - Google Doc trick turns columns rainbow quickly
  • [Tiktok] - Standup Comic hilariously offends albino society
  • [Tiktok] - Is it possible for a fish to complete Pokemon Sapphire?
  • [Tiktok] - Gifting a Hot Wheels car anonymously to owner of actual

    (( June 14, 2021 ))

    I have been painting a kind of impasto pointilism style in the form of little spike-like dots, and recently took over one finished product and another work in progress to show a relative who had come in town, and I got a few cool ideas in the discussion of it. The next day, this morning, I woke up with a new idea about how I could paint a particular feature the painting was missing, thinking previously it would be more problematic, but realized the feature would be far easier to complete..

  • [Tiktok] - Man receiving Enchroma glasses for the first time
  • [Tiktok] - Mark Hamill's kids appear in a recent Star Wars film
  • [Tiktok] - Crow friend "knocks" at open door, offers presents
  • [Tiktok] - Camera-mounted drone dramatically swoops down waterfall

    (( June 6, 2021 ))

    I've been drinking a lot of rootbeer lately, in the form of a cup or glass about 3/5 filled with it and then frozen, and chipping away at it to gradually spoon out frozen shavings, and decided I'd had too many sodas lately, so I resolve to stop for a while; I used to get kidney stones fairly regularly and drinking sodas is one thing urologists like to say is one way to avoid them.

    However, I was visiting my mother's mother in her retirement place, and an upcoming event there was a root beer float party. I wasn't tempted to go for a rootbeer float since I had already decided I'd had enough, but then my mother apparently had been tempted and bought a bunch of Braums ice cream. Turned out she bought 2 cartons and decided to give me a carton for fear of messing up her own diet, so at that point I decided to buy one last 2liter of root beer to go with the ice cream =)

  • [Tiktok] - Clip shows Biden interested in artwork, artist: "that's me!"
  • [Tiktok] - I do not anticipate this motorboat landing safely
  • [Tiktok] - Pupper name Dunkin wallows in the ideally deep mud puddle
  • [Tiktok] - Over-shoulder view of landing a jet on an aircraft carrier

    (( June 4, 2021 ))

    I've started doing something I'll call sleep-scrolling, which I think may be a result of several factors. I tend to scroll tiktok until I fall asleep sometimes, but have GRRR'd myself awake a few times recently with my hand out in the position it would be to scroll them. I am near-sighted and take my glasses off when in bed and hold the device up closer to my face, and use a popsocket thing so I can hold my hand more limply so the socket will wedge between fingers and just rest there. I also keep a list of links to tiktok I want to share, and all those things come together:

    I set the device aside on a little shelf when I'm ready to sleep, and I will dream that I'm scrolling tiktok in the dream and find one that I want to share, so I'll kick the button to share in order to copy the link, but for some reason my brain can't render the sharing option, and it won't work. I get frustrated I can't share it and will bring the device closer to my face to see what the problem is, but will detect that my hand is too lightweight to be holding a device, and enter a more wakeful state enough to realize I'm not holding anything, with my fingers parted so the socket could wedge there if it actually were there, and that my thumb will be scrolling air.

    I laugh that I'm scrolling nothing, but also kinda bummed that the thing I wanted to share wasn't real =)

  • [Tiktok] - Three grown men fighting over cotton candy at a Giants game
  • [Tiktok] - The steps involved in taking a picture, in my generation
  • [Tiktok] - A teacher in Japan often must explain his skin color to kids
  • [Tiktok] - Tom Holland look-a-like on Tiktok has commenters shook

    (( June 2, 2021 ))

    Ever since March 2021, I have been dabbling into pointilism abstract painting, with an emphasis on spike-shaped dots in an impasto style sometimes using modeling paste. I haven't had many completed works and trying to build up a portfolio, but one instagram account I follow and has been a big influence on me, is @paulrobertsart, whose styles are very "me" and I aspire to become more like. I'm also a big fan of Atron.Studios and credit his efforts on tiktok with really fanning the muse-flame to get started :-3

  • [Tiktok] - School tradition of throwing schoolwork papers down some stairs
  • [Tiktok] - Cara Delevingne's official account, on set of Friends Reunion
  • [Tiktok] - Impressive Professor Snape impression, with brief tutorial
  • [Tiktok] - Be careful tapping a cat who is already in deep concentration

    (( June 1, 2021 ))

    I had my job interview, and they would allow me to not be a cashier, and I even got thru the stage of filling out paperwork, but when I read the information system policy I ended up turning it down almost completely because of that.. their info security policy was to monitor all personal comm devices and delete anything they didn't like. Not happening!

  • [Tiktok] - 3x3x5 Calvin's Super Cuboid unexpected problems
  • [Tiktok] - Imprinted-upon duck just wants human to hang out
  • [Tiktok] - Knight Rider theme recreated on oldschool synths
  • [Tiktok] - 3D printed Boby Yoda toothpaste cap, spitting up

    (( May 31, 2021 ))

    I have an interview tomorrow for a side jorb to make the month a little more comfortable budget-wise, but I hesitate to think it will go well. I'm looking for a simple one/twice weekly part timer that doesn't involve being a cashier or sacking. Will this place let me?

  • [Tiktok] - Old man on bicycle plays Pokemon Go on 30 phones at once
  • [Tiktok] - Throwing 5 boomerangs at once on stage
  • [Tiktok] - Finding out your forehead wrinkles make a little face
  • [Tiktok] - Unexpected waves warning sign, and inevitably one appears

  • [Dead Sea Sections]

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