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(( Tiktoks Described ))

This is a compiled list of Tiktoks I like, with direct links to the version I encountered, and a quick blurb of what they're about. It serves as a quick reference for me to be able to share it to someone, but could be handy for anyone searching for one they lost track of, or are just curious about neat posts to see. or whatever. I add four new links each time I post to the main blog.

  • [Tiktok] - Old man on bicycle plays Pokemon Go on 30 phones at once
  • [Tiktok] - Throwing 5 boomerangs at once on stage
  • [Tiktok] - Finding out your forehead wrinkles make a little face
  • [Tiktok] - Unexpected waves warning sign, and inevitably one appears
  • [Tiktok] - 3x3x5 Calvin's Super Cuboid unexpected problems
  • [Tiktok] - Imprinted-upon duck just wants human to hang out
  • [Tiktok] - Knight Rider theme recreated on oldschool synths
  • [Tiktok] - 3D printed Boby Yoda toothpaste cap, spitting up
  • [Tiktok] - School tradition of throwing schoolwork papers down some stairs
  • [Tiktok] - Cara Delevingne's official account, on set of Friends Reunion
  • [Tiktok] - Impressive Professor Snape impression, with brief tutorial
  • [Tiktok] - Be careful tapping a cat who is already in deep concentration
  • [Tiktok] - Three grown men fighting over cotton candy at a Giants game
  • [Tiktok] - The steps involved in taking a picture, in my generation
  • [Tiktok] - A teacher in Japan often must explain his skin color to kids
  • [Tiktok] - Tom Holland look-a-like on Tiktok has commenters shook
  • [Tiktok] - Clip shows Biden interested in artwork, artist: "that's me!"
  • [Tiktok] - I do not anticipate this motorboat landing safely
  • [Tiktok] - Pupper name Dunkin wallows in the ideally deep mud puddle
  • [Tiktok] - Over-shoulder view of landing a jet on an aircraft carrier
  • [Tiktok] - Man receiving Enchroma glasses for the first time
  • [Tiktok] - Mark Hamill's kids appear in a recent Star Wars film
  • [Tiktok] - Crow friend "knocks" at open door, offers presents
  • [Tiktok] - Camera-mounted drone dramatically swoops down waterfall
  • [Tiktok] - Google Doc trick turns columns rainbow quickly
  • [Tiktok] - Standup Comic hilariously offends albino society
  • [Tiktok] - Is it possible for a fish to complete Pokemon Sapphire?
  • [Tiktok] - Gifting a Hot Wheels car anonymously to owner of actual

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