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(( What is Reverse? ))

This is a guide to my proposals about designating types of reverse discrimination. They tend to be matters of "intolerance of intolerance" or meta-discrimination, or hypocritical/paradoxical positions that seemingly justify the act of discrimination in the very process of trying to outlaw it. The examples given are not exhaustive.

Reverse Racism

Reverse Racism Type 1 - Discriminating against a racist, in the way that a racist would discriminate against someone of a given race; for instance, "your kind are not allowed here." This type will deny rights or liberties of a person, based on possessing a racist attitude, in a like manner that the racist themselves would deny others those same rights and liberties. This is hypocritical because it justifies the action being taken by the racist, but just moving the target of the action/rejection to a different kind of person. If denying a person this right or liberties is wrong, then it would be wrong in all cases, not just the cases you think is worth it, because "worth it" is subjective and that is the same degree of "worth it" as the racism surmises, just for a different people group.

Reverse Racism Type 2 - Accusing someone of racism when racism is not a variable; for instance, a referee ejects the 3 black players of a sports team for misbehavior, motivated purely by gameplay-specific behavior and their race playing no part in the ejection, but the 3 players have a race commonality as if to merely appear superficially to be based on race. This is a hypocritical position because it makes an assessment that the person being accused is making a callous race judgment, when instead the assessment itself is callous, by ignoring the actual quantifiable motivations for the action.

Reverse Sexism

Reverse Sexism Type 1 - Discriminating against a sexist, in the way that a sexist would discriminate against someone of a given gender; for instance, "people of your gender are responsible for this household task." This type of person will assign a credibility value, household role, education level, etc, to a person who appears to possess a sexist attitude, in a like manner that the accused would apply the same values to person of the gender they're accused of being sexist toward. This is hypocritical because it inadvertently justifies doing the very thing the sexist is doing, but just doing it back at them; if the doing of the thing is wrong, then it should be wrong to do it against anyone regardless of whether they're sexist also.

Reverse Sexism Type 2 - Accusing someone of sexism when sexism isn't a variable; for instance, a woman supervisor firing a group of workers in a department who are all men. This kind of accusation callously observes that all those affected are of a particular gender and accuses motivation based on gender, when the actual connection between those affected is completely isolated from a gender variable. If a company's department is being shuttered (such as had been outsourced) and all of the people from that department are women, it is not on the basis of the department being comprised of women and would have been shuttered regardless of the gender identity of the department; the accusation of Reverse Sexism Type 2 accuses sexism based on this incorrect/inaccurate assertion of sexism. Likewise, a business could legitimately hire people who excell on an individual basis and with an individual excitement to complete a task, who all happen to be of a particular gender, without hiring based on gender, but the Reverse Sexist Type 2 accuses human resources of hiring based on gender instead of the actual unique merit.

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