Putting aside your routine checklist, you decide to investigate the error personally. You flip the appropriate switches to light up the proper corridors you'll need to find it.

You grab a basic tool kit and head down to the dish control panel one level below you.

Manning a post like this all alone out in the middle of space seems boring at times, but you manage to pass the time designing a new spacecraft on the ship's holographic disply unit, when you're not doing various checks and calculations for your watchan job.

After a few minutes of brisk walking, you arrive at the panel. The screen confirms the thoughput manifold is slightly out of alignment which might cause problems late if not repaired. Howeverm this is beyond your expertise, since you merely monitor conditions. A maintenance person could be sent in and arrive within 2 days. This has happened before and you watched the last tech fix it fairly easy enough. This problem is not high priority and could wait, but you might not want to take the chance. Do you:

  • Choose to call a professional to repair it

  • try to repair it yourself from memory