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(( Hamster Searches @ PCH Engine ))

Part of my daily routine is to play the Publishers Clearing House online games, just a few minutes a day after getting up. One of the activities is to basically just use their search engine in trade for entries for a drawing, so I try to do at least one per day. I decided randomly to search hamsters, but since then when trying to do a random other topic, I keep thinking of "hamster ___" (hamster legal advice, hamster exorcism, hamster accountants, hamster liberation movement, etc) and some of them work to return results, and others don't return any results. From now on, I want to keep a tally of which ones work and don't work.

|   Whether Phrases @ PCH Search Engine Return Results    |
|     Date    |  Search Phrase                    | Y | N |
|  2021-1012  |  hamster blasphemy                |   | X |

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