Babbling On

  by m. james moore

  "Hey! Cooper! You gonna help me with this block, or what?"

  "I'm getting a little tired, if you can't tell."

  "I hear you, but the Boss says it must get done as soon as possible."

  "Isn't it tall enough already?"

  "I think so, but you know the Boss and his crazy ideas."

  "Sure I could take a break now, there's already at least 200 guys working on this silly thing. How high do you think he wants it to go?"

  "No telling. I wouldn't be surprised if he never said to stop. With the exercise we get lugging these blocks all over the place, the workers could just as likely form an army and overtake him."

  "Tell me about it. Look over there--the whole would must be gathering to help."

  "Let's go down and try to get lost in the crowd. Maybe they won't make us work if they can't find us."

  "That's actually not a bad idea. At least help me push this block into place. It won't budge any further by my strength."

  "That should do it. There."

  "Looks good to me. Let's go."



  "Qué dice usted?"

  "What are you saying? Is the heat getting to you?"

  "Deje de hablar como eso. ¡Obtenga grave!"

  "I can't understand you. Quit joking around."

  "¡La parada! ¡Usted sabe que yo no aprecio los chistes!"

  "This isn't funny..."

  "Pardone, monsieur. Pouvez-vous me comprendre?"

  "What in the world is going on here? Are you in on this, too?"

  "Dit encore? Je ne comprends pas ce que vous dites. Que est-ce que vous marmottez?"

  "Now cut that out! Are you two in this together? This isn't funny."

  "¿Quién es usted, señor?"

  "L'arrêt est bête, vous deux. Parler convenablement!"

  "Hey! Hey! You over there! With the strap on your back! What's going on here?"

  "You got me, pal. One thing I'm heaving these blocks up here like the Boss ordered, and the next thing I know, everyone starts talking ga-ga."

  "Really! ...Oh great. Look there. The whole mass is down there milling around. What in the world happened?"

  "I don't know, but I don't want to know Nimrod's reaction to this, it can't be a joke. Listen! I think I hear some others I can understand. I wonder if they know what's happening.."