Bio of m. james moore

Mini-Bio: As the front page noted, I've been writing stories since about 1984 when in first grade our class was assigned to write story and illustrate it. Each year the same assignment was given (thru grade 6) and stories got richer and greater in detail, with periodic stories for fun in between. In sixth grade wrote a lengthy story with a good friend Paul that got added on well after school was over and ended being the longest written at 8-9 handwritten pages. In about 8th grade (age 13, 1989) wrote the longest handwritten story at the time, a novella-length version of the original Final Fantasy ninteno game, topped around 68 pages. In high school wrote various and sundry stories whenever the mood struck, and began the longest handwritten story to date by me, 'In the Shadows' at age 17 or so, topping at 117 spiral notebook pages, which was later burned (on purpose). Since then, most of the stories written appear in this compendium of sorts, usually coming from ideas I'd been daydreaming when I should have been listening in classes at the university (getting D's in history and failing World Lit).

  • Find a publisher for:
          - unique self-created optical illusion book "Progressive Impossibilities"
          - Symbolism-heavy Vanguard Oakenfold novel(la) young adult fiction
          - Short story collection found on this site
          - 'Indirect Evangelism: Witnessing for the Disabled' (concept stage)

  • Complete the American Writers and Artist Institute advertising copywriting course and make a bunch of dough.
  • At least be literarily famous for coining the word, "Squiptipadoogleboinkaflop", meaning, "the mistaken idea of a word not being found in one's dictionary on hand as a basis for existence", or, bold pioneer in the usage of punctuation after quotation marks instead of inside them. Big dreams.