by m. james moore
  with acknowledgements to Dr.Seuss

There was a certain land that was crumbling away --
It crumbled away just a little each day.
At one end it was crumbling and down it fell straight,
But at the other end was a gate.

"Past the great gates is land that can't rot.
To live, all must pass through, like it or not.
At the gate is a toll, and at a very steep cost:
To get through the gate, one must have Fellost!"

Fellost, sweet Fellost, so tremendous a purchase!
To pay for it the residenst saved up their Spurches!
"That gatekeeper is mean for demanding such a price!"
Fellost seemed impossible, without much too much sacrifice.

Those who had Fellost passed through the gate surely.
Someone who saw another pass, said, "Everyone! Hurry!
The gatekeeper said, 'You have Trooples and Nelders,
So you may pass on and meet with your elders!'"

"Trooples and Nelders! They cost not but two Frates!
That's all that we need to enter the gates!"
So Trooples and Nelders then the residents sought,
And all about precious Fellost, the peoples forgot.

And yet there was Clorteed, a humble old fellow,
Who knew very few things, like which color was yellow.
But one thing he did know was about the great gates,
and that Fellost was needed, not Spurches or Frates.

Tried as he did to tell them the truth,
They pushed him away, and another girl, Gruth.
Gruth saw the fellow Clorteed and when nearby him, spoke,
"Do you have Fellost? It seems such a joke,

To need such a thing that costs so dearly much!
Why not just Trooples and Nelders and spurches and such?"
"Have Fellost, I do not, but might I suggest:
We ask the gatekeeper if it is just a jest!"

So they did.

They walked to gate to ask of the master,
who say on a throne like white alabaster.
"Is it true, great keeper, that instead of Fellost,
Just Trooples and Nelders will cover the cost?"

"Goodness, no, my dear friends! It's Fellost that gets you through!
Trooples and Nelders is what Fellost makes, when it's inside you!
It's Fellost you need, and here's enough for you two
I give it out freely if anyone seeks me humbly and true."

"Yes we will take it, gatemaster with much thank-you's!
We will tell the townspeople and all the lands of Petraku!"
"They will not listen my friends, they'll go their own way,
Instead of asking me humbly, not ever, no way."

"Still we must try in case there is one who will listen --
I hope the people will see what they're missin'!"
Swallowed went the Fellost and POOF came the goods,
Trooples and Nelders as the master said they would!

Back in town the crumbling was becoming quite close
And the mayor and leaders spoke much words, so verbose,
That Clorteed and Gruth had found the right path:
As far as they could tell -- but did not the math!

Round about went the story of Gruth and Clorteed --
How silly their blunders, how contrary their deeds.
"'Not Trooples and Nelders, but Fellost you need!'"
Yet plenty had they of both, they only had seen.

The final day came when the crumbling came near,
All lined up at the gate confident, no trembling, no fear.
One by one, multitudes were turned away! "No!
Not Trooples, nor Nelders were payment? How So?!"

"How is it, How is it, that Clorteed can pass?
And how is it possible as can Gruth, that wee lass?
Have they not Nelders and Trooples aplenty?
How is it we cannot cross over? Here's twenty!"

"You do not have Fellost, which is the only proper key
top open the gate's door -- You should have listened to me!
When inside you the Fellost, the ultimate cheer,
out POOF a Troople and Nelder appear!

It's not the result, but the cause I am after
To allow you into the land of sweet laughter.
None except these few would listen to my warning loud:
The crumbling has caught up, and the rest will fall down!

Had you only but asked me to provide you a plate,
You would have lived on past here, but now you're too late."
The gate was then closed and the rest of the ground crumbled
And everyone fell, down far, they down-tumbled.