Fill A Stein

  by m. james moore

  "See, I knew you could use a break. Here, try a sip of this."

  "Ah... That's good stuff. Where did that come from? Don't believe I've ever had that before."

  "Improted clear across the way, from... og wait. Looks like they're starting."

  "If I may have your attention! I thank you for attending this wondrous celebration of our Lord! To get things started, I propose a toast: To the greatest god in all the land, here's to you, Dagon!"

  "Here here!"

  "Woops, almost spilled it. I'd like to keep every drop of this I can. Now where did you say this was from?"

  "Yes. It's from a little town on the other end of Can... who is that?"

  "Her? I don't know. I wouldn't mind knowing myself, now that you ask."

  "No, not her, HIM!"

  "I don't recognize him, but he ins't wearingf the required styles, as you can tell. Wait a moment. He's yelling something."

  "Sounds like some poor drunk commoner whose lose his way. He could use a haircut, that's for sure."

  "Haircut? Wait, you're right. Maybe it's... oh, it better not be him!"

  "That newbie you're in charge of? What's his name, Smith? Seymour? Sanford?"

  "Something like that. I was supposed to get his hair cut again, but I was distracted this afternoon when Del shoed me this drink. Great, isn't it?"

  "So if you're in charge of him, should you do something about him? I think some of the men are waving at you."

  "Oh. I suppose they are. Be right back."

  "Hey you! What are doing out? Stop that! Leave those pillars alone! Watch out! You'll get forty lashes for that, you know. Hey! You could kill someone! There are 3,000 people here! Don't shove me... Oof."

  "Are you okay?"

  "I can't feel my legs... No! Look out! No, Samson, NOOO!!"