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This is a hobby domain and doesn't act as a business. It was a popular-ish link blog starting around 2002 called the 'dead sea blogs' as its all-time longest consisent theme. Despite having several regular visitors somehow, it has numerous times been scrapped, resurrected, forgotten, rebooted, neglected, reborn, fallen into disuse, and its return has been mulled over on occasion. With such a thrilling prospect of future content, welcome.

October 25, 2023
I did it again. I saw a super cute minimalist personal blog, and was so gleeful about its design that I wanted one myself and realized I had one already basically, but wanted it to be minimalist-er than it is. Via one of my top favorite ever minimalist blogs,'s Links section, who got it from a different minimalist blog HeyDingus, I too discovered comic anhs..

I did have a very old web1.0 resume-ish site in the 90s that it reminds me of a little, plus I did have that instagram comic I made and want to reboot called clownburst, so maybe I could make a mishmash of those, but then the often-helpful nagging doubt part of my brain retorts, but when will you update it? shall I remind you of that DSB spin-off blog you started and also haven't updated, when you wanted a minimalist blog once before?. Yes, nagbrain, you're right.

I'm pretty neck-deep into Starfield lately. I got all the way to the main story end credits, and did the stuff after it and decided I wanted to go back pre-end and play some more in that sense before deciding to move forward. I ended up actually just making a new character in order to facilitate doing the stuff after the credits more easily, whereas in the first character I got my hoarding on like a beast and would have to leave too much behind. I have lots of thoughts on what would be an awesome DLC to have for this, including a Dyson Sphere (not the vacuum cleaner) like the one from TNG episode Relics that did not do it much justice..

August 10, 2023
The coder/creator of the Linux program Vim, has died at age 62. The program was originally a port from an Atari program, made for Amiga, then eventually becoming the well-known Linux text editor, according to an obit by The Register. The obit links a video of Bram Moolenaar himself, speaking about the history of Vim.

I am a big fan of incremental games, even (especially) the kind as cornball as Check Back, but the host of that one is the maker of several others that vary greatly in complexity; check out Demonin's site containing several incremental games, as well as the discord to discuss them, all home-crafted and patreon supported. There is an unbelievable rabbit hole to follow, exploring those games.

August 9, 2023
JY Park, mogul of JYP Entertainment, has a twice-weekly Youtube show called A2K, designed to evaluate contestants for selection into an American K-pop group. Contestants have been selected from tryout areas around the US, and receive gemstones akin to merit badges for demonstrating talents in relevant fields.

My current favorite investigator of the neato, Tom Scott (via YouTube) pays a visit to the ski resort town of Zermatt, Switzerland, which has a standing 1980s-era ban on all personal automobiles. Only businesses can have one (and all electric), and to visit, you park at a nearby town and enter by train.

A Youtube channel called VHS Archive has been uploading 20+year old episodes of Conan O'Brien, SNL, and others. Check it out before it gets gobbled up by the machine.

Process X is a YouTube account which shows, in length and depth in English subtitles, processes for manufacturing. Some items like steel drums are near-fully automated, but others like traditional plastic childrens toys heavily rely on a process completed by hand.

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