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This is a hobby domain and doesn't function as a business. It is mostly a collection of various projects both on and off the backburner.

  • Dead Sea Blogs is a resurrection of an older ~2002 blog I used to have, now made even more minimalist, and featuring four tiktoks I liked appended to each post.

  • TikToks Described is a simple link + description list of tiktoks I've come across and liked. It may come in handy for someone searching for one they lost track of, or (mainly) for me to reference easily to others but the list simply made public.

  • TikTok Collections is a bunch of lists similar in nature to Described above, except collected into bunches. The first one will be each of Matty McTech's "powerful websites" series and Lexi Smith's #30daysofmonkey series. I am planning others, including each of my own tiktok's posts from @destinyclipdump.

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